Top Tips You Must Follow When Touring Havasu Falls

The Havasu Falls is becoming increasingly popular as top destination for those who want to experience a challenging hike to one of the most beautiful attractions of the Grand Canyon National Park. It is situated in a remote region of the South Rim in the town of Supai, Arizona. Although it is extremely difficult to reserve a camping site or a room in the lodge, you can plan ahead and secure your spot a month or two before your planned visit.

The Havasupai people belong to a Native American tribe that lives within the Supai Village. Majority of the employees who work in the campground and in the lodge are of Native American descent.

The Havasupai people are also dubbed as the “guardians of blue green waters, and that of the Grand Canyon.”

The trail to Havasupai Indian Reservation spans 10 miles. Before you can reach the oasis, Havasu Falls, you need to walk a total of eight to ten miles depending on where you start your journey.

Here are tips when taking a trail hike to Havasu Falls:

  • Always take a guided tour with you. If you are taking the trip alone, make sure to have a guide with you to avoid getting lost. Although eight to ten miles is not a big deal among experienced hikers, you still need a guide to direct you at the right direction.
  • Bring lightweight camping and trekking gear. Most people who hike to Havasu Falls carry their own bags. If you are going to stay at Havasupai for a few days, it will be expensive to rent pack mules or horses. Make sure to bring lightweight ten, compact stove, and sleeping bag if you are staying at the campground. Don’t forget to bring your own food and water filtration system. There’s not a lot of merchandise sold in Havasu Falls, so make sure to have your own supplies ready for your trip.
  • Do not forget to secure permits before you head out to your trip. Best to secure your permit a few weeks before you fly to Las Vegas or Arizona on your way to Havasupai Hilltop- the trailhead going to Havasu Falls.

How To Get A Proper Car Insurance Comparison

In order to get a proper car insurance comparison, it’s never a good idea to get a quote individually from different lenders. What you want to do is to make the process of finding a car insurance company easy on yourself. And the only way that you can do that is by working smart. And by working smart, we mean that you get a quote from a car insurance comparison website (there’s a lot of online car insurance quotes out there).

There are many of these websites out there and the only thing you need to do is Google them. The good thing about comparison websites is that you only need to send your information once and insurance quotes from the different insurers will then be pulled up for you, sometimes in a convenient comparison table fashion.

How accurate are these quotes? Well, you can say that they fairly accurate because the information they get is actually public information that the insurance companies send the authorities. But if you really want to make sure, once you get a quote, make sure to talk to an agent of your preferred insurer.

How much you pay in car insurance really depends on several factors, including the make and model of your car, whether or not it’s used or brand news. And there’s the matter if you are an experienced driver or not.

In general, sports cars cost more to insure than SUVs because of perceptions that sports owners are more prone to engage in risky driving behavior. Newbie drivers also cost more to insure because of the risk of newbie driver mistakes. But even if you own a new sports car and just got your driver’s license, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a reasonably priced car insurance plan for you.

How Do I Get to Havasupai?

There are few pieces of natural beauty on the entirety of the North American continent that are as wondrous and awe inspiring as the waterfalls of the Grand Canyon. Surprisingly, even though millions of visitors come to the Grand Canyon every year, very few of them know about the amazing waterfalls just nearby. One of the reasons for this is because the waterfalls are in very remote areas far from any roads or highways, so you can not get to them in most cars. Generally you will need to hire a special service with off road vehicles to take you there, or if you are up for an adventure you can try hiking – but this is not a good idea due to the heat and distances and natural hazards unless you are an experienced hiker. If you have children or elderly people in your party, you will certainly need to hire transportation.

One of the remotest of these waterfalls is Havasupai Falls (or havasu falls). These waterfalls are so remote because they are on the tribal land of the Havasu Tribe, which has lived near the falls for generations and considers the waters of the falls to be sacred in their tribal rituals and religious rites. Once you reach the village of the Havasu, which is called Supai Village, you can take a tour out to the waterfalls, but you will need to remember that you are a guest on their sacred tribal land. As a result, you will need to abide by all of their rules, as it is in their power to close the park at any time, or refuse entry to anyone who they do not think will respect their tribal ways and traditions. So, you will have to be on your best behavior.

Buy: McDonalds in Bad Times

I love McDonalds. And I’m happy they are doing well in these rough times. Everyone knows when you can’t afford groceries or special organic food, McDonald’s is the cost-effective way to fill up.  In fact, they are doing so well, they have just opened 1,000 stores. How’d they make more money this year than last year? How did they stay out of the black?


Well played, Ronald! With McDonald’s around, I’ll never grow hungry again.

(SooOoOooo Goood!)

Don’t Buy: Star Trek Cologne

I don’t want to only rag on Star Trek but they are making it very difficult for me. They already sell everything in creation. But now, YOU CAN SMELL LIKE STAR TREK! I’m pretty sure that may be the most sexually unappealing smell of all time. I am curious what this will smell like. I have come up with a list of potential scents to look out for.

– Plastic Wrap
– LASERS!!!! or should i say phaser… ugh
– Leonard Nemoy
– Funions
– Ben-Gay
– Inhaler
– Social Awkwardness
– Space? Aliens? Alien Vagina?
– Glue… for new appendages or whatever you people do.
– Haggis
– Scotch
– Toupee
– George Takei’s Boyfriend
– A Convention Center
– Plastic Costumes
– Starch
– Green Body Paint
– Denver Omelet
– Pushing a joke too far

Well it could be worse… they could be selling sex panther… Oh wait.

Buy: American Made Products

I hate to get all Lou Dobbs up in here, but I’ve been reading about a little mentioned provision in all of these ‘Economic Stimuli’ bills floating about. It’s called the ‘Buy American’ Act, and it states that the US should favor American made products in all federally subsidized projects. With all the infrastructure improvements apparently headed our way, (please let it be more trains, please let it be more trains!) this provision stipulates that all of the raw materials have to be produced within in the US.

On the surface, this seems like a brilliant thing to do! If you grew up in the Midwest like I did, you’ve been bombarded all your life with the BUY AMERICAN mantra. I mean, we used to actually make shit! Imagine. But if you scratch a little deeper, you start to see some flaws in this plan. For starters, apparently Canada and EU are kind of nervous about the prospects that America is gonna be doin’ it for herself. Last year we gave our neighbors to the north about $5 Billion for steel products. So when our trade partners hear about us fixing to print $800 Billion in spending, they naturally think they’re going to benefit from some of it. The ‘Buy American’ act is kind of making them nervous!

From the totally unbiased Canada Broadcasting Corporation:


Here is my summary: “Blah blah blah, we’re going to scare you with the prospects of halting free trade so that you source your building materials from OUR COMPANIES instead.”

You know what though? I don’t buy it. It’s a total bluff. In fact, I’m going to start buying American right now, since apparently you like to throw around the term ‘Protectionism.’ You know, we could be self sufficient. That’s right. We still make things. Important things. Like hand-blown art glass, Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massagers, 50’s Pin-up Girls Bowling Shirts, and clogs! Yes clogs. Suck it Netherlands. You can talk about your free trade until you’re red, white, and blue in the face. I’ve got some shopping to do, and then I’m going to walk all around this free country of ours, wearing my new American Made outfit!

Buy: Car Navigation Systems

Just today I was driving down St. Charles Ave when I said to myself, “Dude, I could totally go for a burrito right now.” (Yes, I called myself “dude.”) Suddenly I realized that my shiny new GPS navigation system could easily tell me the nearest burrito place. With a few taps of the touch-screen, I was scarfing down the “gutter punk burrito” at Juan’s in no time.

I never thought I would have any need for a navigation system. I’ve never been one for new tech devices (think The Terminator) and I have a pretty good sense of direction. But I just moved to a new city, so I though the transition would be a lot easier if I could ease the learning curve for the city layout.

I knew my way around enough to not get lost. I knew where I was and I knew how to get home. I just couldn’t get anywhere because I didn’t know where anything else was. That is, until I got a navigation system. So normally when I’m trying to follow directions, I’m hyper alert about where I am, where I’m going, and always on the lookout for street signs. Now I can relax and enjoy the scenery. The computer lets me know what’s up.

If you take a wrong turn without a navigation system, you have to figure out how to get back to that turn you missed. If you can’t get back to that spot without getting lost, you’re screwed. This is the reason I once circumnavigated the entire state of Rhode Island. Luckily, Rhode Island is about the size of a Scrabble board (well… Super Scrabble Deluxe Edition).

But with my navigation system, it’s microprocessor does all the freaking-out for me. No longer do I shout obscenities when I miss exit 332A because that douchebag won’t let me over. No sir, my navigation system soothes me by saying “It’s cool, dude [yes, dude]. I know another way. Just relax and I’ll let you know the next best way to get to Popeyes.” Okay, it doesn’t use those words exactly. It just says “recalculating…” but I know what it really means.

Don’t Buy: Air Guitar

Air guitar is the act of pretending to play an imaginary guitar. From my personal experience, air guitarists rock out when alcohol is involved. Air guitar is a pretty useless and harmless dance that, in recent years, has gone too far.

How can you take something like this, something so not serious, and make it serious? Someone had to ask that because sure enough, competitions of air guitar were formed. And although these competitions, which I have yet to witness, have been held since the 1980s, they still annoy me.

I don’t understand it. At first, I thought air guitar was for those people who wanted to “shred” but didn’t know how to play guitar. That isn’t the case anymore. Now, we have Rock Band and Guitar Hero. You don’t have to be good or need to know how to play the guitar and you’ll be accepted (and even cheered on as demonstrated on Gossip Girl).

Why does this continue to happen? I’m not talking just about air guitar. I’m talking about all the goofy things people do becoming way too serious. I hope one day things will get fun again. But in the world of air guitar, it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Don’t Buy: Açai Berries

I don’t think açai berries even existed until six months ago.  That’s when I first heard about them, and if even ONE of the benefits that this superfruit supposedly has is true, there’s no way it would have been a secret for this long.  Basically the açai berry got a really good publicist, and now it’s everywhere.  It’s next to the pomegranate juice at Whole Foods.  It’s on half the posters in Robek’s.  It’s in my e-mail spam.

So what is the açai berry, you ask?  It’s everything you imagined and more! 


Holy shit, right!?  This berry is healthy, young and sexy, AND it fights free radicals!  Sounds like Mother Nature mashed up a yoga instructor, the Fountain of Youth, and Brad Pitt, then crossbred the results with Batman, culminating in the greatest berry ever conceived by God or Man.  

Naturally my curiosity was piqued by the ubiquity of this all-natural pimp juice, so when I found myself in the juice aisle at the grocery store being stared down by a row of Açai Berry Juice, I knew the time had come.  I grabbed a bottle.  (I also grabbed a chocolate mousse parfait, because too much healthy crap in my body at once might send me into shock.)

Upon my arrival at home, I opened the bottle…and was disturbed to find that açai berry juice was not the rich, inviting purple-y color suggested by its bottle.  It was kind of brown-ish.  And had filmy, gross-looking bubbles at the top.  It was definitely not reminiscent of the yummy-looking sorbet pictured in Robek’s ads.

But I had just spent $4 on a bottle of this stuff, and it’s supposed to make you invincible, so I drank it.

It was gross.

The flavor is hard to describe, but nothing about it really screamed “berry!”  It was kind of thick.  And had an unpleasant, chalky aftertaste.  And as I already said, it was brown.

As for the berry’s impact on my health, I can’t really say.  Perhaps I slept sounder that night.  Perhaps my non-existent diabetes were alleviated.  Maybe I’ll look awesome when I’m 50.  But as far as I can tell, I felt no better after drinking the juice than I did before.  Açai berry did not make me feel like an Olympic-gold-medalist-sex-goddess-crime-fighter, and for that reason I can only deem it a “don’t buy.”