Don’t Buy: Air Guitar

Air guitar is the act of pretending to play an imaginary guitar. From my personal experience, air guitarists rock out when alcohol is involved. Air guitar is a pretty useless and harmless dance that, in recent years, has gone too far.

How can you take something like this, something so not serious, and make it serious? Someone had to ask that because sure enough, competitions of air guitar were formed. And although these competitions, which I have yet to witness, have been held since the 1980s, they still annoy me.

I don’t understand it. At first, I thought air guitar was for those people who wanted to “shred” but didn’t know how to play guitar. That isn’t the case anymore. Now, we have Rock Band and Guitar Hero. You don’t have to be good or need to know how to play the guitar and you’ll be accepted (and even cheered on as demonstrated on Gossip Girl).

Why does this continue to happen? I’m not talking just about air guitar. I’m talking about all the goofy things people do becoming way too serious. I hope one day things will get fun again. But in the world of air guitar, it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.