Don’t Buy: Star Trek Cologne

I don’t want to only rag on Star Trek but they are making it very difficult for me. They already sell everything in creation. But now, YOU CAN SMELL LIKE STAR TREK! I’m pretty sure that may be the most sexually unappealing smell of all time. I am curious what this will smell like. I have come up with a list of potential scents to look out for.

– Plastic Wrap
– LASERS!!!! or should i say phaser… ugh
– Leonard Nemoy
– Funions
– Ben-Gay
– Inhaler
– Social Awkwardness
– Space? Aliens? Alien Vagina?
– Glue… for new appendages or whatever you people do.
– Haggis
– Scotch
– Toupee
– George Takei’s Boyfriend
– A Convention Center
– Plastic Costumes
– Starch
– Green Body Paint
– Denver Omelet
– Pushing a joke too far

Well it could be worse… they could be selling sex panther… Oh wait.