How Do I Get to Havasupai?

There are few pieces of natural beauty on the entirety of the North American continent that are as wondrous and awe inspiring as the waterfalls of the Grand Canyon. Surprisingly, even though millions of visitors come to the Grand Canyon every year, very few of them know about the amazing waterfalls just nearby. One of the reasons for this is because the waterfalls are in very remote areas far from any roads or highways, so you can not get to them in most cars. Generally you will need to hire a special service with off road vehicles to take you there, or if you are up for an adventure you can try hiking – but this is not a good idea due to the heat and distances and natural hazards unless you are an experienced hiker. If you have children or elderly people in your party, you will certainly need to hire transportation.

One of the remotest of these waterfalls is Havasupai Falls (or havasu falls). These waterfalls are so remote because they are on the tribal land of the Havasu Tribe, which has lived near the falls for generations and considers the waters of the falls to be sacred in their tribal rituals and religious rites. Once you reach the village of the Havasu, which is called Supai Village, you can take a tour out to the waterfalls, but you will need to remember that you are a guest on their sacred tribal land. As a result, you will need to abide by all of their rules, as it is in their power to close the park at any time, or refuse entry to anyone who they do not think will respect their tribal ways and traditions. So, you will have to be on your best behavior.