Top Tips You Must Follow When Touring Havasu Falls

The Havasu Falls is becoming increasingly popular as top destination for those who want to experience a challenging hike to one of the most beautiful attractions of the Grand Canyon National Park. It is situated in a remote region of the South Rim in the town of Supai, Arizona. Although it is extremely difficult to reserve a camping site or a room in the lodge, you can plan ahead and secure your spot a month or two before your planned visit.

The Havasupai people belong to a Native American tribe that lives within the Supai Village. Majority of the employees who work in the campground and in the lodge are of Native American descent.

The Havasupai people are also dubbed as the “guardians of blue green waters, and that of the Grand Canyon.”

The trail to Havasupai Indian Reservation spans 10 miles. Before you can reach the oasis, Havasu Falls, you need to walk a total of eight to ten miles depending on where you start your journey.

Here are tips when taking a trail hike to Havasu Falls:

  • Always take a guided tour with you. If you are taking the trip alone, make sure to have a guide with you to avoid getting lost. Although eight to ten miles is not a big deal among experienced hikers, you still need a guide to direct you at the right direction.
  • Bring lightweight camping and trekking gear. Most people who hike to Havasu Falls carry their own bags. If you are going to stay at Havasupai for a few days, it will be expensive to rent pack mules or horses. Make sure to bring lightweight ten, compact stove, and sleeping bag if you are staying at the campground. Don’t forget to bring your own food and water filtration system. There’s not a lot of merchandise sold in Havasu Falls, so make sure to have your own supplies ready for your trip.
  • Do not forget to secure permits before you head out to your trip. Best to secure your permit a few weeks before you fly to Las Vegas or Arizona on your way to Havasupai Hilltop- the trailhead going to Havasu Falls.